Best Infrared Sauna Reviews: An Extensive Guide

Did you know you can burn 600 calories in just 30 minutes in a far infrared sauna?

Just a few years ago, the idea of owning your own sauna probably seemed impossible, but these days the best infrared sauna is more affordable than ever. Having a sauna right in your home is way more convenient than going to the one at the gym or spa, and it can allow you to truly relax alone, or with a couple of friends depending on the sauna you choose.

We have reviewed dozens of the popular styles of saunas on the market and narrowed down our choices to the top five. Each of these saunas utilizes far infrared technology, which has a reputation for superior heating efficiency. We chose the best models that were reasonably priced and loaded with a wide range of amenities. Each sauna is made from quality wood planks, which not only makes the sauna aesthetically pleasing but more heat efficient as well. We also paid attention to homeowner reviews for what they had to say. We dug deep to find out how each sauna preforms, how long average heat up times are, and what you can expect in terms of assembly, durability, and overall quality. We’re confident that you will find the right sauna in our top five list.

Now, let’s begin with a 2-person sauna by Dynamic Saunas. This is a low emf infrared sauna brand & manufacturer that’s received plenty of positive feedback and reviews from consumers on their products. Well built, beautiful, and loaded with some great features that will make you feel like you’re at the spa, this best-selling unit is our top-rated product.

Our Top Picks & Reviews of the Best Infrared Sauna

141 degrees oxygen ionizer magazine rack cd player infrared saunaDynamic “Heming” Corner 2 Person Infrared Sauna

Our Rating: 4/5

This 2-person sauna by Dynamic Saunas is a feature loaded luxury corner sauna that will instantly transport you to your favorite spa – one of the nicest ones on the market. This beautiful sauna is made out of solid reforested Canadian Hemlock wood with a nice exterior dark honey finish look. Take pleasure in a relaxing sauna experience while listening to relaxing music on the radio (with cd and mp3 aux input), and change the LED lighting to suit your mood or adjust the temperature from the interior with the dual LED digital control panel. This unit utilizes 7 infrared carbon fiber heating panels for improved heat efficiency and a more comfortable, effective sauna therapy. It also comes with a 3 year warranty. Read full review.

infrared sauna oxygen ionizer magazine rack carbon fiber far infraredDynamic Maxxus 3 Person Infrared Sauna Reviews

Our Rating: 4.5/5

This massive 3 person sauna by Dynamic Saunas is the epitome of luxury for home use as this sauna is made out of solid reforested Canadian hemlock wood. It will definitely take up plenty of space, but considering all the amenities, losing a little space is a fair trade. From the chromotherapy lighting system, tempered glass door, sound system with premium speakers, cd player with radio & mp3 aux input to listen to your favorite music. Dual digital control panel to adjust temperature or session duration and 7 infrared carbon fiber heaters, this leading sauna comes loaded with all the goodies you could ever want in your own sauna – including a 5 year warranty. Read full review.

Dynamic “Versailles” 2 Person Infrared Sauna

infrared sauna canadian hemlock wood jnh lifestyles radiant saunasOur Rating: 4.5/5

Versailles is another popular model produced by Dynamic Saunas for home use, this 2-person sauna is equipped with 6 carbon heaters plus all the choice amenities you could want in a sauna that puts efficiency first. The carbon fiber heaters are low emf and energy efficient, so you’ll save on your monthly electric bill, a huge plus for any homeowner. Additionally this unit features a Bluetooth enabled speaker system, interior reading light with chromotherapy lighting, dual LED control panel so you can adjust the setting on the outside or inside the sauna. It also features tempered glass door, in-floor & bench heating, and roof vent for air circulation for additional comfort plus it comes with a 5 year warranty. Read full review.

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Infrared Sauna

etl head name sites website part copyrightOur Rating: 4/5

The JNH Lifestyles 1-2 person sauna can fit up to two adults but a lot of single people like this model too. This sauna comes equipped with 7 top of the line carbon fiber heaters and features a smaller design that allows it to fit into homes without taking up a lot of space. The JNH Lifestyles is made of double-paneled 100% Canadian hemlock wood with glass door and full length side windows. This sauna also comes with untreated (unstained) wood and has a tongue & groove construction for easier assembly. Don’t forget the Bluetooth sound system speakers w/ remote and digital control panel feature to set the temperature or session duration to your liking. Reasonably priced and durable, this one is a steal for the price – especially considering it also comes with 2 year warranty. Read full review.

jnh lifestyles canadian hemlock wood infrared heatersDynamic Maxxus “Seattle” 2 Person Infrared Sauna

Our Rating: 4/5

This far infrared sauna by Dynamic Saunas heats up efficiently, thanks to its 6 carbon heaters. Very energy efficient and easy to heat, this low emf sauna will not cause your electric bill to skyrocket. It also comes with a 5 year warranty, loaded with some great basic features including a built in sound system with premium speakers for great sounding music, interior LED digital control panel, tempered glass door and in-floor and bench heating so you can appreciate a little taste of luxury, comfort & relaxation. Read full review.

Buying Guide

Shopping around for the best infrared sauna isn’t easy. Most look very similar, so picking one out without looking at the specs is almost impossible. This guide should help you make sense of it all whiling deciding on the right sauna for your home.

Traditional Saunas vs Infrared Saunas: The Main Difference

The main difference between conventional steam saunas and infrared saunas is the technology that is used to heat them.

Traditional steam saunas use convection heat. A convection heater will heat up the air inside the cabin, as the hot air heats the skin. Temperature in this type of sauna range from 150-200 degrees Fahrenheit, but these high temperatures can be pretty overwhelming, cause claustrophobic episodes or anxiety. In this muggy environment, the user can’t really relax over the duration of their sauna session.

The air in a traditional sauna also can overheat the skin. Heat penetration in the skin is also limited, and steam can’t penetrate or detoxify the skin. This can also have a harmful effect on the epithelial tissue of the eyes and can irritate the throat and nasal passages, for example like itchy skin and rashes.

Due to the lack of direct health benefits, the heat technology used in saunas is now becoming obsolete.

Infrared saunas are much different.

An infrared sauna uses dry radiant heat. This type of sauna works by emitting heat towards a specific object – in these saunas the human body is the object that is directly heated.

Far Infrared heat (light waves) are tuned to the human body and are emitted by carbon heaters that have been mounted on the floor, bench and walls. The body has the ability to readily absorb infrared energy because the body and infrared waves vibrate at the same frequency. This type of heat technology utilizes the absorption of electromagnetic energy. This process is called resonant absorption. This process can excite the tissues at a molecular level, resulting in a number of chemical and physical changes within the body – this is where we see the actual benefits of infrared saunas.

The carbon heaters emit tuned low emf infrared light energy that deeply penetrates the skin, muscles, and tissues in the body, up to three inches below the top layer of skin. The light energy is then converted into heat energy inside the body. This means for example that the infrared sauna basically heats up the body from inside out, causing the user to feel a type of heat that is very gentle instead of stimulating. On average, the interior air temperature in this style of sauna is often thirty to fifty degrees lower than that of traditional saunas.

Over the past several years, this type of sauna infrared technology has simply taken over the sauna industry and have since slowly begun to replace the conventional steam sauna.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and overpowered by heat, an infrared sauna feels inviting and warm, providing a comfortable atmosphere pver the duration of their sauna session.

radiant saunas affiliate advertising program canadian hemlock

Near vs Far Infrared Saunas

Now that we have established that traditional saunas heat the air and infrared saunas heat the body, we now need to figure out the difference between near and far infrared saunas as you will see both when shopping around. The main difference is due to the wavelength of the light spectrum in which this heat energy operates.

Near Infrared

  • Works more on the outer level of the skin as this spectrum cannot penetrate very deep
  • Great for skin, wound healing, lighter pain relief & circulation

Far Infrared

  • Works on a deeper level (penetrates up to 3-4 inches) in the body
  • Best for deeper pain relief & tension
  • Deeply detoxes into the skin, tissues & body
  • Boosts immune system & metabolism
  • Helps promote weight loss

Health Benefits

Ongoing sauna therapy can provide many health benefits. In the body, the fatty tissues, which store most of the collected pathogens, toxins, carcinogens, and acids are broken down into very small particles of PCBs, fats, and toxins. These particles are then expelled from the body via sweat. The sweat that is produced from sauna use can contain up to an impressive thirty percent of toxic cellular waste and materials, thus you are detoxing several times better.

Canadian hemlock wood radiant saunas jnh lifestylesImproves blood circulation

Infrared sauna treatment increases body temperature which in turn improves blood circulation. This helps the body eliminate wastes and toxins, which is essential when detoxing as toxins are released from fatty tissues. Improved circulation also helps fight pain and decrease inflammation.

Weight loss

As your body temperature rises, you burn more calories – in fact you can burn roughly 600 calories in a 30 minute sauna session.

Boosts immune system

Far infrared wavelengths deeply penetrate, energize and promote healing at a cellular level which directly improves immune function.

Pain relief

Pain is diminished as blood circulation is improved. Any pain that remains is relieved by the soothing heat.

Aids recovery after exercise

Saunas can relax muscles, soothe aches and pains and improves natural healing from the stress of physical activity.

Some studies have found that the regular use of sauna therapy can also help…

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Relieve stress
  • Increase growth hormone up to 200-300% after a single session
  • May reduce Alzheimer’s by 65%
  • Can improve deep sleep by promoting relaxation (releasing endorphins)
  • Reduce the chance of getting a cold or the flu as the body produces white blood cells more quickly during and after a session.

Our Buying Tips & Things to Consider

Now that you know more about how infrared saunas work and the many benefits they have to offer, it’s time to learn more about the features you should look for if you want the best infrared sauna on the market. We’ve put together a lot of information to help get things straight for you.

Rod vs Ceramic vs Carbon Fiber

There are many different kinds of  infrared saunas to choose from. Poor quality and inefficient heaters will require the user to spend more time in the sauna in order to experience any results.

Rod Heaters

Saunas equipped with this these heaters aren’t considered very effective. Heat is emitted with the help of a reflector tray that is mounted behind the emitter, which is designed to compensate for the lack of infrared energy being produced. This heats the air rather than the body and also doesn’t travel very far or last long, making treatment ineffective with little to no benefits.

Ceramic Tubes

This style of heater has a very small infrared emission surface, which means it’s not able to effectively give off heat. It can also operate with a surface temperature of four hundred degrees which is not safe or comfortable. Most manufacturers that use this kind of heater will have a cover placed over the front portion for protection. Should you accidentally lean up against it, you can easily be burned.

Carbon Fiber

radiant saunas infrared heaters jnh lifestyles backrestsCarbon fiber infrared heater panels are considered the best infrared heat technology available today. The panel produces a light frequency that is precisely tuned to match the max infrared absorption level of the human body. This kind of infrared heaters system basically solves all of the problems ceramic heaters can’t.

The surface temperature of these infrared heaters is much lower, and the heat is evenly distributed on the carbon panel’s large surface.

Carbon fiber heating elements are typically larger and produce heat energy that penetrates the skin up to 30-40% more than ceramic heaters. Another feature is that they don’t need to be replaced unlike ceramic or rod heater systems.

Materials & Structure

Determines the overall quality of saunas on the market. The type of wood will determine how long your sauna will last as some types of wood will buckle and warp due to heat over time. Solid hemlock is high quality and one of the best because it’s warp-resistant, while you’ll want to avoid things like plywood, treated wood or glue that may contain toxins or nasty chemicals when heated. A lot of our top picks above are constructed with double paneled Canadian hemlock wood!

Double paneled constructed walls are super important as it makes for a great insulation that retains heat exceptionally well, help heat up faster and wastes less energy. Thick wood panels on both the interior and exterior will make a world of difference.

Reforested wood is also something to consider as its more friendly to the environment.

Size and Power

There are many different sizes and styles of saunas available – from one person up to several people. Obviously, the larger the sauna, the higher the price tag. Personal saunas can be installed right inside your home. We’ve included a good variety of styles and sizes so you can find the best infrared sauna on the market that will work for you. So before you buy you will need to carefully measure the desired area or room to determine if you have enough space.

Some models will also have high power needs, so you must anticipate the added cost of hiring an electrician to modify one of your outlets in order to provide enough juice to power your sauna.


Make sure the sauna you purchase has the proper safety certifications. Safety certifications provided by a number of international regulatory bodies can give you the assurance that the sauna has been properly tested and meets all the performance and safety requirements.


Saunas are expensive and will experience wear and tear over time so it’s important to check and understand the manufacturer warranty. Many quality brands, including those mentioned in our top picks, come with impressive long term warranties. JNH Lifestyles offers a full 2 year warranty on their products which covers electrical & control components, wood structure and the carbon infrared heaters. Dynamic Saunas features a 5 year warranty on their products with the same coverage; wood structure, carbon infrared heaters and electrical parts.

Anchor or Bolt Assembly

A good anchor and bolt system will require tight wall construction and pre-drilled hole alignment that is precise. The wood side panels should be securely attached with the use of countersunk steel anchors. An anchor and bolt system will create a secure, tight fit that results in a durable sauna that will not fall apart on you in a matter of months. This design works well to keep in heat and minimizes the chance of the wood walls splitting, warping, or cupping.

Additionally, saunas with a thin wood construction or thin glass door will not keep in heat well or for very long.

Units with a woodworking tongue and groove design can also ensure that walls a snug, perfect fit. However, these saunas are usually on the pricier side.


Can I bring my laptop in an infrared sauna?

canadian hemlock wood magazine rack weight lossRemember, far infrared heat energy directly heats specific objects – so it may be best to leave the laptop or other electronics outside as it may become hot to the touch or damage it, just in case.

How many sauna sessions a week should I do?

Depending on your goals and your health issues, you can go once a week if you please, or as often as several times a week. It would be best to do no more than 4 or 5 sessions per week as you do want to give your body a break to detox and heal on it’s own – overdoing it won’t be helping it any!

How long should my sauna sessions be?

We recommend you should get a good 30 minutes to get the most out of your sauna, but if you wish you can spend anything up to an hour.

What should I do after a session? What is the aftercare like?

Once you’re done, you definitely want to get a good shower as the reason we’re in the sauna in the first place is to detox the body and sweat out toxins. This will help get them down the drain and you’ll likely be showering anyway as you will be sweaty from your session.

Also be sure to drink plenty of water that day, and the days that follow. This is important because you have lost water in the form of sweat so it needs to be replaced, plus water promotes elimination of the toxins you’re body is trying to flush.

Can I or should I set the temperature higher to the highest setting?

Of course you can use the control panel to set the heat to your liking to whatever you feel comfortable, but it’s not completely necessary to set it on the highest setting to get the full benefits. The effectiveness comes from the far infrared wavelengths rather than the heat, so hotter doesn’t necessarily mean better – especially if it makes you uncomfortable.

What should I wear in an infrared sauna?

Infrared energy can penetrate through fabric and clothing but not very well. If you’re alone in the privacy of your home then a towel or nothing would be best. In case you’re not comfortable with being naked or are obviously enjoying the sauna with other people then a swim suit or shorts would be perfect. A thin, light shirt or tank top or towel can also be worn. As long as your clothing is loose, breathable and comfy then you’re good to go.

What are EMF’s? Why is low EMF important?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. EMF’s occur in nature and we also know the earth and even the human body has its own natural electromagnetic field as well. EMF’s come from the sun and within the earth which is entirely natural. What is NOT natural is EMF’s generated and given off from man-made things like electricity, lightbulbs, radio towers, cell phones wifi, etc. This is because these EMF’s are more concentrated to the point it’s damaging and unhealthy for us. It becomes obvious very quickly that low EMF is the healthiest option when shopping for a sauna for your home.

Who can benefit from far infrared saunas?

Although infrared saunas are still new compared to traditional saunas, research studies show many people with the following can benefit from sauna therapy:

  • heart disease
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • depression
  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic pain
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure

This is because far infrared saunas are significantly more comfortable and easier to use. Their gentle dry heat is great for a variety of health conditions.

What People Are Saying – Sauna Reviews

” We love it. Fast delivery. Easy to assemble. Easy to use. Has helped with joint and muscle pain and I have also noticed I am sleeping better and some slight weight loss.

canadian hemlock wood radiant saunas infra red” It is wonderful to get into and relax listen to my music on the sound system. What a way to start the day. Everyone should start their day in one. With my all my aches and pains this takes care of them first thing in the morning. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! “

” I have been in many different types of saunas, this one is the best. Not all saunas make you sweat, especially not as quickly as this one. Perfect size, temp feels great, premium speakers sound good and I love the controls and chromatography. Worth the product investment! “

” My wife has very bad arthritis and I thought this sauna could assist her with pain reduction and inflammation. The shipping and delivery were seamless, and it arrived several days earlier than originally scheduled. It was in three large boxes that my wife, son and I moved section by section to our desired location. The assembly was easy, but takes at least 2 people. I had already had the electric outlet set up so after assembly we were ready to use it. It heated up to 140 degrees in around 30 minutes and will get up to 150 over a longer period of time. My wife and I love this purchase and we use it once or twice daily to heat and warm up our old bones. I would recommend saunas to others or anyone in the market looking to buy one. Since we have been using this sauna the pain from my wife’s arthritis has diminished. “

” Love it. For sure worth the purchase. TIP: Assemble the 4 support beams prior to standing on the base!!! Lol we almost broke it by standing on it without having screwed in the support wood. Pretty straightforward to assemble. 3-4 people needed. Not really a 2 person job. Heat up in 20 min. Low cost to run since it’s infrared. I think we calculated about .25c/hour to run one. Not bad at all! Wonderful purchase. “

” I have had this sauna for several months. Fits 3 of my girlfriends uncomfortably but perfect solo or with my guy. Great quality. Not terribly difficult to put together. I still use it often even after owning it several months. The novelty hasn’t worn off. “

” I don’t even know where to begin We feel amazing!! I sleep way better, my skin feels great, definitely more relaxed.. the list goes on on! Super easy to assemble and put together. Just VERY heavy, especially, the tempered glass door. Absolutely worth owning one! We couldn’t be happier. “

 ” I did have to do some extras to prepare for it such as removal of carpet and installed laminate flooring (works well on carpet). I did have to install a 20 amp electrical outlet for about 250.00 for this model. Also, I spent 150 for a handyman with my assistance to get installed and it was not difficult at all we were finished after about 3 hrs. But here are some of the health benefits of infrared therapy that have simply changed my life. 1. My skin is clearer, softer, and cellulite seem to be disappearing, 2. Sleeping much better 3. Energy is higher 4. Losing weight, 5. less pain in the knees because of arthritis, 6. Overall feeling much better and using about 30 minutes each day. I am loving this sauna, it is well worth every penny. One of the best investments and a lovely addition to my home. Your friends will marvel! “

” I have been using it for the last 5 days wanted to test it out before writing any reviews. It has been great for easing the pains in my joints and back, also has been great in relaxing all muscles which now has helped me sleep more. I normally woke up every couple of hrs due to pain in my back or hips now I am up to 5 hrs straight thru sleep and feel as I continue to use the sauna I will get to a full 8. This product is well worth the money. Pros: easy to assemble, finish product very nice looking, has speakers so I can listen to my music if I want, soothes and relaxes, way too many pros to list! Cons: none! don’t mind it one bit “

” Absolutely love it. Super easy to put together with two people. We have a small room in our basement we put it in and made the whole space a sauna room. It’s like our own little spa. We use it almost daily. Especially in the winter. “


If you’re shopping around for a personal sauna that provides the most value with a limited budget, I recommend checking out the JNH Lifestyles infrared sauna. It fit’s up to 2 people or 1 person comfortably, comes equipped with 7 carbon heaters and is budget-friendly & energy efficient – making it the best sauna in its segment for home use. Not to mention it’s constructed with untreated & double-paneled Canadian hemlock wood and comes with a 2 year warranty.

If you’re looking for something with more oomph and budget isn’t an issue, both the Seattle & Versailles models by Dynamic Saunas are a 2 person far infrared sauna – some of the best on the market. These models have plenty of heating power thanks to 6 carbon fiber heaters plus some impressive features like LED lighting, in-floor heating, tempered glass, a digital control panel that’s easy to set, along with a 5 year warranty.

If you require a 3 person sauna I recommend the classic Maxxus by Dynamic Saunas – it’s one of the luxury and nicest looking saunas we found. This bigger sauna has 7 carbon fiber heaters, in-floor radiant heating, LED lighting, sound system with premium speakers, and a double-paneled construction; making for a spacious spa-like feel for you (and perhaps a couple of friends) in your home.

Hope you enjoyed my guide, let me know what system you decided to go with and how it is working out for you!