Dynamic “Heming” 2 Person Corner Infrared Sauna Review

This beautiful corner version of the 2-person sauna is made out of solid reforested Canadian hemlock wood which is thicker and heavier than that of other competitors. This makes the wood warp resistant, durable, and features a tempered glass door that allows you to peer into the lush interior. Designed for personal use, the Heming model by Dynamic Saunas allows you to enjoy a relaxing sauna treatment in the comfort of your home, anytime you want.

Overview & features

This sauna will allow you to enjoy comforting heat, thanks to the 7 built-in carbon fiber heaters that offer the perfect amount of heat, without being overwhelming.

The sauna’s chromotherapy light system emits soothing light that you can change depending on your mood.

This is a large personal sauna, designed with seating for two in a corner form factor . For some, it may be too large for their home but it’s perfect if you need something to fit in a particular space. The sauna measures in at 55 x 55 x 75 inches. If you’re short on space or need something smaller, take a look at this JNH Lifestyles 1-2 person infrared sauna, or you can learn more about other competing models in our epic sauna buyer’s guide, just click here.

Built-in amenities

This model comes with a built-in speaker and stereo system complete with a radio, CD player, and an aux connection that allows you to plug in your smartphone or MP3 player or if you prefer, connecting wirelessly with Bluetooth.

The included LED controls make it easy to operate the stereo system, color chromotherapy lights, or adjust the temperature setting.


The sauna is covered by a 3 year warranty against product defects.

Heating system

The seven energy efficient carbon heaters produce far infrared wavelengths ranging from five to twelve microns. The system has been third-party tested, so you know it emits incredibly low levels of EMF. The sauna heating system is designed to directly warm the human body, not the air, which makes treatment healthier and safer.


This sauna is very easy to assemble, featuring a clasp assembly and design for easy alignment. Assembly time should range from thirty to forty-five minutes.


Aside from the beautiful color option chromotherapy lights, the interior also features built-in recessed interior reading and accent lights.

Air ventilation

The sauna also includes an adjustable ceiling vent to provide improved air circulation.

Power needs

To operate, this sauna will require a 120V / 15 amp outlet. Keep in mind that the sauna uses a UL approved nonstandard plug. This may require a simple modification that can be performed by an electrician.

What people are saying

” Have had this sauna for a couple years and highly recommend, very happy with my purchase! “

” So happy we ordered this infrared light therapy Sauna. It’s like a vacation in our home… We use it to take a break from our busy lives. The red light has completely helped my scars disappear and My skin is as simple as when I was in my 20s. “

” Our first sauna, it went together relatively easy and seems to work really well. We love it, we use it almost on a nightly basis, it is very relaxing.”

Advantages & disadvantages


  • 7 carbon infrared heaters
  • corner shaped
  • 3 year warranty


  • some simple modifications may need to be made in order to use this sauna, due to the nonstandard plug
Our Rating: 4/5
This 2 person corner sauna by Dynamic Saunas offers all of the bells and whistles you could want in a luxury sauna designed for personal use. Equipped with an efficient heating system, plenty of amenities, and covered by a 3 year warranty, this sauna will show you how to enjoy the finer things in life.