Dynamic Maxxus “Seattle” 2 Person Infrared Sauna Review

This far infrared sauna model, the Seattle – part of the Maxxus line by Dynamic Saunas, features a solid construction made of high quality Canadian hemlock with a polished honey finish and a luxurious interior. It’s marketed as a one to two person personal sauna and has a reputation for a faster heat up time along with easy assembly.

Overview & features

This model has a total of 6 infrared carbon fiber heating panels that feature a low EMF rating. The panels are spread out inside the over-sized cabin. These panels are energy efficient and cover a larger area because they’re thirty percent bigger than typical comparable models. This model also comes with a foot warmer for improved efficiency, a tempered glass door and an adjustable ceiling vent for air circulation.


While other personal saunas can require additional lighting, this model includes a built-in LED light system, complete with two touch control panels that will allow users to operate the controls and adjust the setting from outside and inside the sauna.

Speaker system

The built-in speakers feature an MP3 aux connection, so you can plug in your smartphone or MP3 player and enjoy relaxing music during treatment. Sound quality is described as better than average.


Made out of natural reforested Canadian hemlock wood, this solid, durable, warp resistant sauna does not contain any added chemicals or plywood. The sauna’s dual wall construction also ensures superior heat insulation which allows users to install this model even in the smallest room since the wood does not expand once heated up. The construction also promotes a faster heat up time to ensure that no energy is wasted and no heat is lost.

The tempered glass door and two full length windows are designed to resist very high temperatures while allowing you to see out of the sauna.

Max temperature

The sauna offers a max temperature of 140 degrees, which is average for a sauna of this size. The minimum temperature is 68 degrees so you have plenty of room to find the most comfortable temperature for you.

The heating panels are incredibly durable, unlike personal saunas that use ceramic tubes. The carbon fiber panels will never need to be replaced.

The spacious interior can accommodate up to two people, however it may be a tight fit for larger users. The Dynamic Saunas Maxxus 3 Person Far Infrared Sauna can easily accommodate up to three people and offers many of the same features as this is the larger model in the Maxxus series by Dynamic Saunas.

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The sauna is covered by a 5 year warranty for the electronic components, heating elements, and the wood construction. This warranty will completely cover any repairs needed due to defects.


Assembling this sauna is very easy and should take less than an hour, due to the simple clasp design.

Product care

To maintain and clean this sauna, the manufacturer recommends wiping down the surfaces with a soft cloth and water. The specifically indicate to avoid chemical cleaners as it would dry into the wood, and when you use the sauna next the heat will release these chemicals into the air.

What people are saying

” Easy to put together!! Have used it daily and can really feel the health benefits!!! I feel great!!! Excellent quality for a great price. “

” Love the sauna! It’s really more for 1 person if you want to lean back. It will fit 2 people comfortably side by side. Easy to use, nice choice of lights for light therapy, and the plug for media is a big plus! I enjoy watching netflix on my phone or listen to music while I’m relaxing in the sauna. Thank you! “

” I have nothing but good things to say about this sauna! It arrived in perfect condition and we had it put together and plugged in in less than 2 hours. I wanted one that still worked on 110v so we wouldn’t need to rewire but I also wanted as much room inside as possible. It’s listed as a 2 person and you technically could fit two but it’s really best for one person. The bench is about 5” longer than some of the other similar saunas I looked at which makes a huge difference but it still fits in a small space. It heats up really fast and the dimmable colored LED lights and the speaker system are cool features, you can plug in a device and listen to music or watch a movie. I bring my iPhone or iPad in with me every time and have had no problems with them overheating. It also comes with some little shelves and a magazine rack you can install wherever you like inside to hold your things. We’ve had ours for over a years now and I feel like we got an awesome sauna at a great price! No complaints! “

” Bought this to help with my health as I have RA – my body loves heat and using this only a handful of times has already helped my poor body! It was easy ordering and delivery! My 2 Sons were able to get it together in about an hour ! “

Advantages & disadvantages


  • 6 carbon heater panels
  • very heat efficient
  • excellent 5 year warranty


  • not designed for outdoor use
Our Rating: 4/5
This sauna is one of the most efficient models on the market, with an average heat up time of just thirty minutes. Since the sauna can fit up to two users, it’s perfect for couples. The 6 carbon heating panels are very energy efficient and when combined with a faster heat up time, you won’t have to worry about your electricity bill going through the roof.