JNH Lifestyles Joyous 2 Person Infrared Sauna Review

This JNH Lifestyles model has 6 carbon fiber heater panels, and is a well-made, compact sauna that’s designed for 1 person use. It’s a great choice for a single person looking for their own private sauna. It’s made from thick, durable wood and comes equipped with dual wall insulation, a tempered glass door and is warp resistant.

Overview & features

The sauna features LED lighting, a bench style seat, a touch control panel with an auxiliary input for music and a ceiling vent for air circulation. This setup is designed for more efficient heating in a 1 person sauna – saving you money in the long run. The heat range for this particular model is 64 -140 degrees, so you have plenty of room to find the perfect comfortable temperature.


The interior is lit with built-in LED lights, which will provide a nice warm glow that’s not too overwhelming. In fact, the lighting is a nice addition to the saunas relaxing atmosphere.


The sauna is covered by a 2 year warranty on all parts.

Affordable pricing

These days, home saunas are more affordable. In terms of cost, this model does come with a higher price tag, but saunas with carbon fiber panels are usually on the pricier side because they tend to last longer than models that use ceramic tube panels. Also keep in mind this model is Energy Star certified so it’s very energy efficient to save you on the electric bill. The Dynamic Saunas Maxxus “Seattle” is a more budget friendly option, of course it can’t quite measure up to this model by JNH Lifestyles.

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Spa quality treatment & setup

Now, you can enjoy a spa quality treatment in the comfort of your own home. With this model by JNH Lifestyles, you won’t have to worry about heavy-duty maintenance or a complicated assembly process. Anyone can get this sauna up and running in under an hour and enjoy the luxury of a personal sauna treatment at home.

What people are saying

” Can’t beat it for the price. I’ve enjoyed using it a dozen or so times and no problems. “

” Fits nicely in our house and works awesome! This is just what I was looking for! “

” A real nice unit and easy to set up. “

” It came on time. Very easy to put together. Works very well. “

Advantages & disadvantages


  • 6 Carbon fiber heater panels
  • Energy Star certified
  • 2 year warranty


  • not designed for outdoor use
Our Rating: 4/5

This is a great sauna for a single person who wants to relax at home and enjoy the number of health benefits that come with regular sauna use, including improved blood circulation, and naturally detoxifying the body. It’s actually incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and allows you to precisely adjust the temperature, which is exactly what you want in a home sauna.

Overall, this efficient little sauna will be a great addition to any home, thanks to the top of the line carbon fiber heater panels, and solid construction.