Newsletter November 2014


Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group

November, 2014

Efficient 2015/PI2015 Call for Papers Deadline is November 15!

We are thrilled that the IWA Efficient2015 conference will be he held for the first time in North America! This conference is a flagship event for water efficiency professionals worldwide, and in 2015 will be a joint conference in Cincinnati, Ohio with the Benchmarking and Performance Assessment Specialist Group. Titled “Water Efficiency and Performance Improvement: Smart Strategies for the 21st Century” the joint conference will feature a special workshop to develop performance assessment metrics for water efficiency. Please mark your calendar and plan to present a paper! We need presentations and posters on a wide variety of topics.

PI2015 Conference Dates: April 20-23, 2015

Efficient2015 Conference Dates: April 23-25, 2015

Abstract Deadline: November 15, 2014

Download the Call for Papers at the conference web site:

More information about the conference to follow soon!

Meetings held in Lisbon on Efficient Specialist Group Projects

At the World Water Congress in Lisbon in September new initiatives of the Specialist Group were discussed. Particular attention was paid to three new initiatives:

  • Strategic assessment of international water efficiency actions. Aaron Burton will be leading this initiative, working closely with IWA’s Young Professionals Group. See the separate article below for detailed information.
  • Sources and scale of background leakage, and plumbing losses. This is a joint initiative with the Water Loss SG, and will examine the extent of building and household leakage. The aim of the task group would be to improve the understanding of the components of flows in the distribution system that are not due to normal customer use, bursts and detectable leaks on the water distribution system or underground customer service pipe. Specifically the task group would aim to more fully identify the contribution of plumbing losses to background leakage. The Efficient SG portion of the joint initiative will be led by Ricardo Cobacho.
  • Water Use Efficiency in Energy and Agriculture. Arjun Thapan (not present in the meeting) will be leading this initiative, which will examine the role of water efficiency in the water-energy-food nexus and determine the research and needed policy actions. Coordination with other groups within IWA will be required.

Young Professionals Inventory Water Efficiency Case Studies to Support Performance Indicator Development

Water efficiency measures have increasingly been applied and researched globally. However, to date there hasn’t been a comprehensive collation or analysis of these programs. The Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group is planning to develop an understanding of best practice in water use efficiency to support indicators for comparison between water utilities, states, and counties (similar to the Infrastructure Leakage Index). A baseline is first required to understand the state of water efficiency activities, targets and impacts on consumption internationally.

Young Water Professionals (aged below 35) represent around 25% of the specialist group membership. We are aiming to increase participation of this group by encouraging contributions as part of this strategic assessment. There is now an opportunity to get involved with the steering group for this project – we are looking for IWA YWPs from across the regions to participate. By getting involved you will gain experience in developing and delivering a strategic research project, get access to experts and mentors in the EUWM SG and demonstrate continuing professional development. This will also support your case to attend the IWA Efficient 2015 conference where we will discuss the outputs and how they can lead to performance indicators.

Water Efficiency Best Practice Guide is Here!

At the Efficient201Maddaus-BMP guide3 Conference in Paris we launched the Best Practice Guide for Preparing Urban Water Use Efficiency Plans. Part of IWA Publishing’s Best Practice Guide Series the Guide was authored by Bill, Lisa, and Michelle Maddaus and coordinated closely with the Efficient Specialist Group.

Join our Linked In Group!

We have created a Linked In Group to enable us to communicate more effectively with each other. Since our Specialist Group is one of the largest in IWA (at 1,736 members) we need an easier method to stay in touch. We have created our own website ( and now we have created a Linked In Group called “Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group.” Look for us on Linked In and join us!



Mary Ann Dickinson

Chair, Efficient Urban Water Management Specialist Group