Pelican Advantage Series Salt Water Softener Review

Overview & features

The Advantage Series Salt Water Softener by Pelican is their premier salt-based water softener, able to provide softened water using either salt or potassium. Each Advantage Series Salt Water Softener is metered and has a very efficient backwash cycle that runs when needed as to waste as little water as possible.

All Advantage Series systems have standard high capacity large resin tanks and come with a limited lifetime warranty on electric component.

This salt water softener features:

  • high flow rate
  • programmable metered head
  • large high capacity resin tank
  • chrome tank jacket
  • bypass value

The Advantage Series Salt Water Softener also features:

  • limited lifetime warranty
  • minimal water waste with metered delayed backwash
  • treated water regeneration for best performance and maintenance
  • bypass for simple maintenance

Programmable features & modes:

  • 36 pre-programmed regeneration cycle options
  • 3 operation modes: meter immediate, meter delayed, time clock delayed
  • double backwashing setting
  • downflow regeneration
  • battery backup for up to 8 hours in case of power outage

What it removes

The Advantage Series by Pelican very effectively removes all hard water. This includes minerals such as calcium and magnesium, along with less common minerals such as iron, aluminum, manganese, etc.


PS48 ModelPS80 Model
Home size1 – 3 bathrooms3 – 6 bathrooms
Flow Rate12 GPM18 GPM
Grain Capacity48,00080,000
Tank H x W62.5″ x 11″62.5″ x 13.75″
Connection Size1″1″


Pelican offers very lengthy and comprehensive warranties on all their products and parts. They have a limited lifetime warranty of up to 12 years on parts such as valves, non-electric heads, fittings, housings, bypasses, and tanks under 13″. There is also a 7 year limited warranty on electric heads.

What’s included

Although installing your new water softener in your home can be overwhelming and even a little intimidating, the Advantage Series comes with the following so you have everything you should need for some peace of mind.

  • Pelican Advantage Series system (of course)
  • brine tank with float & drain line
  • 50 ft drain line – 3/4″
  • bypass valve & fittings – 1″
  • installation guide

What people are saying

We had the unit installed almost a month ago and have loved the changes its made in our daily lives. No more dry skin and weird testing food. It has absolutely changed the way I’ve thought about water and I can’t stop telling people about it.”

After a bit of research and pricing, I decided that the best value on the market for a water softener is likely the Pelican. However, you really don’t know that for sure until you actually have it installed and are using it for a period of time. The Pelican solved both my iron and hard water problem AND the nagging wife problem.

Just had our Pelican system installed this week. Our Sales Rep Alex was extremely professional. And Steve, who installed the system did a great job. We noticed the difference in water quality almost immediately. As a new home owner, this was a great investment and I would recommend Pelican to anyone who is concerned about their water.

The system was easy to install and the water tasted great after flushing the cold water lines. Highly recommend this system for anyone.

We installed a Pelican water system a few years ago and are very happy with it. We live in an area with extremely hard water that also contains a lot of iron and magnesium. We change our filters twice as often as recommended because of this, and have excellent results.

Advantages & disadvantages


  • very effective at softening water
  • lifetime limited warranty
  • easy to program and maintenance is simple


  • expensive upfront
Our Rating: 4.5/5
When you go ahead and buy the Advantage Series Salt Water Softener and get it up and running, you will see a great improvement in water quality in your home. Faucets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and appliances will be cleaner, free of build up and hard water stains and residues. Your water will be much healthier to drink and cook with for both your family and pets. Getting showers or baths with softened water will lead to healthier skin and hair, feeling more clean and even soap will lather up better. You will also see hard water spots are gone after running the dishwasher, and you might not need as much detergent there or in your clothes washing machine.