South East Queensland Residential End Use Study: Final Report

Dr. Cara Beal and Associate Professor Rodney Stewart have recently presented the final report “South East Queensland Residential End Use Study”. The report can be downloaded from the Urban Water Security Research Alliance website, and it contains the development and final results of a main study, which was partially presented by Dr. Beal at Efficient 2011 Conference in Dead Sea, Jordan.

For three successive seasons, winter 2010, summer 2010-11 and winter 2011, water consumption of a sample of about 250 houses was monitored by means of high resolution smart meters and remote data transfer loggers.

Context, materials, field-work, methods, analysis and results are explained through sixteen chapters and three appendices. Every aspect of water consumption is reviewed; beyond per household and per capita average consumption figures. Areas covered in the report include peak demand ratios, average daily diurnal patterns, impact of efficient fixtures, influence of socio-demographic conditions, flow rate clustering and energy-GHE link. The work has received widespread international interest and is believed to be the first study that combines high resolution smart metering with detailed psycho-social analysis to better understand the drivers and behaviours of residential water consumption and conservation.