Rinnai Luxury Series Review


The Luxury Series by Rinnai is their medium tier model offering that is one of the highest output and efficient non-condensing tankless hot water heaters. The Luxury Series has advanced technology and performance that is ideal for medium to larger size homes – this is due to its recirculation technology so it can deliver hot water faster. This model has an impressive uniform energy factor of 0.81 – 0.82 (depending on which configuration you choose) which will save you a lot on your energy bills.

The Luxury Series comes in two versions: 7.5 GPM & 9.4 GPM, so you should have no trouble finding a version suitable for your home. If you’re still undecided, see our guide with tankless water heater reviews for tips and recommendations.


The following are some important specs to consider:

  • Sound level 55 dB for the 7.5 GPM version / 47 dB for the 9.4 GPM version
  • Temperature 120 F factory default up to 140 F
  • Direct electronic ignition (goodbye pilot light!)
  • Water supply pressure min-max 20 – 150 PSI (recommended 30-80 PSI for best performance)
  • 3 / 4 inch gas supply line connection & is also 1 / 2 inch compatible as well
  • Water inlet & outlet are both 3 / 4 inch
  • Minimum activation flow is 0.4 GPM


The Luxury Series comes with a 12 year warranty on the heat exchanger, a 5 year warranty on parts and a 1 year warranty on labor.

What people have to say

“The flow of hot water is great. I can adjust the temp as needed. Very happy so far..the unit is mounted outside of my home.”

“Installed a month ago and love it. We have not had any problems. We installed 2 to replace 2 tank heaters that were in old and new section of our home. Installed on the outside and freed up valuable space in our kitchen and in laundry room.”

“When we bought our home, the house had two 55 gallon traditional hot water heaters. One was in a third floor attic. I was obviously concerned that someday the water heater would leak and I would not only have to replace the water heater, but also replace the resultant damage. We replaced these units with two Rinni units ( which not only saved much space) but gave us peace of mind.”

“We recently had company stay with us from our of town for a week. One question they asked was why were we not running out of hot water. We explained and showed them the tankless, on demand Rinnai system to them. They stated they had just replaced their hot water heater this year and wish they had know about the Rinnai before purchasing their tank system. They said they know what they will replace it with now for when the next one goes out.”

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Highest efficiency & output non-condensing unit
  • Energy factor of 0.81 – 0.82 (depending on model)
  • Extensive 12 year warranty
  • Recirculation technology for faster hot water
  • Comes in many configurations
  • Ideal for medium to larger sized homes
  • Ideal for all climates, including colder ones
  • Isolation valves for easy maintenance
  • Wifi capable for remote monitoring


  • No condensing technology


The Luxury Series made by Rinnai is the perfect option for those with medium to large hot water demand, and are wanting the best options and performance out there. This series is for those who require a gas or propane fired tankless heater but want something a little more advanced than the base model.